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  • Обновлен TV плагин.
    2018-06-25 21:54:46

    If I ran this plug in on a HackRF radio (5.8 gigahertz capable) would I be able to capture video signals from drone cameras?

  • TVSharp - аналоговое ТВ на RTL тюнере.
    2014-07-21 00:16:34

    Hi Basil- Here is a link to a commercial version of what you are providing free of charge:

    Thanks a bunch!

  • TVSharp - аналоговое ТВ на RTL тюнере.
    2014-07-20 08:04:35

    Is TVSharp compatible with HackRF hardware? Seems to me, if it is compatible with the HackRF radio all our problems with bandwidth and frequency range would be solved. We could receive signals from every wireless camera (including those on airborne drones) in the world.

    Digital reception would be nice, but lets not give up on analog (I think).