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Ник: Vince

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  • Обновление плагинов.
    2015-10-10 17:26:52

    Thank you for the plugin updates, everything working great :)

  • SDR# обновлен.
    2015-10-10 04:40:20

    Here is Aux-VFO problem with images

  • SDR# обновлен.
    2015-10-09 17:53:18

    I have found the problem with AUX-VFO. It does not work with Shift. If I set Aux VFO to 5.000.000 with shift of -50.000.000 the yellow marker shows up at 55.000.000

  • SDR# обновлен.
    2015-10-08 21:00:08

    AUX-VFO not working in 1400/1401

    I click on frequency and it registers on left but no audio happens and no yellow marker in spectrum analyzer.