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  • Обновление плагинов
    2018-03-09 20:30:57

    A problem with R820T2 plug in with ver 1655. In Wide FM the sound is like a 45rpm record played at 33 rpm. The same plug in works with ver 1583.

    I fix the problem in SDRSharp.exe.Config file by copying these values into RTLSampleRate = 5 and RTLdecimation = 0. These were the values I found in the Config file for ver 1583. The values in my install on ver1655 were RTLSampleRate=8 and RTLdecimation=1.

  • Обновлен File Player
    2018-03-09 20:22:03

    Selecting a section of the file is an excellent addition to the player.

    I still have a problem - when you open Filer player it expects to find a file. If the file does not exist there is an error message "Could not find file ....test.wav." and it is not possible to start File Player.

    I have to create a file then rename it test.wav. It then remembers the last file - but will stop working in SDRSharp.exe/Config unless you dleete the last file.

    The version in Build 1404 did not have the same problem

  • Обновлен File Player.
    2017-03-12 23:52:14

    File Player - "empty path name not legal" error occurs with build 1525. Can we have File Plater setting so it if there is no valid file it can still open so a file can be chosen? I use SDR#build 1404 wit an older FilePlayer that is OK.

    Baseband recorder also does not work with build 1525.

    But thanks for all the plug-ins - I keep older verison of SDR# to make sure I can still use them until news ones come.

  • Исправлен TV плагин для совместимости с SDR# 1430.
    2017-03-12 23:43:16

    Does not show in the list on front-ends when installed in build 1525.

  • Обновлен File Player.
    2016-06-25 23:42:45

    Hi Vasily

    I now have AirSpy Mini with build 1444 - all the plug-ins I use work with this but there is small problem with "Save Last File Name" in FilePlayer. When installed first - error "cannot find file "test.wav" and file player does not start.

    I record a file - name it "test.wav" - and put it in SDRSharp folder to make it work.

    Then I look at files - it works. But if I delete the last file I looked at after shutting SDRSharp - then next time I try to use File Player error happens again "cannot find file........" To make it work again I have to edit the SDRSharp config file.

    Can you make File Player so it will open if the last file is not found please?

    Baseband Recorder, File Player and MPX Output are the most useful plugins for FM-DX. Many stations found that are only received for a few seconds are captured and the RDS data decoded. I record 11 Gb files (6 minutes) 8 MHz wide for playback.



  • Обновлен File Player
    2015-07-28 00:29:16

    When loading a file not recorded with SDR# the frequency spectrum is reversed. You can swap i/q in SDRSharp to display the frequency correctly

    Can you give an option to reverse the waterfall to do the same thing.


  • Обновлен File Player
    2015-07-21 02:51:10

    фантастический! Use it with MPXOutput to feed RDSSpy and find the exact time when the signal is strong enough to give RDS data. I expand the waterfall and use highest FFT resolution and it only takes 10 seconds to display.

    I hope the fast scanner will have an update so that the frequency and start time / end time are sent to a csv file then my FM DX toolbox will be complete.


    David UK

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    2015-07-13 00:11:01

    Just a comment about the TVSharp plug-in for sdr#. Wow! for the first time in 40 years I've tuned into to Band I TV Dx - and the results included Jordan E3 at 3500km+. You can the see picture and at the same time measure the exact frequency of the carrier and so identify which transmitter it is. Have had RUS, UKR, BLR and MDA this year as well as Jordan.