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  • Плагин для приема "Тетра"
    2021-02-12 22:02:18

    TTT -Tetra_trunk_tracker

  • Плагин для приема "Тетра"
    2021-02-12 21:59:23

    My position is in the middle of Europe, at the near of several borders. I have access to more Tetra Networks.

    It should be clear that I will not public here either the names of these countries or of the networks.

    1. Network 390-395 MHz – the provider is known – country 1

    2. Network 396-430 MHz – the provider is unknown – country 1

    3. Network 423-426 MHz – the provider is konown – country 2

    My question is : What does it depend on? TTT is working perfektly at the networks 2 and 3.

    The network 1 is actually the official network in the country where I am now.

    TTT doesn’t activate the User in the Group. It depends on that the T-Demodulator has no clear Audio. Why can the T-Demodulator encrypt the Network not in the right way? May be are there some additonal crypts? The sound is like from some pipe in waterfall.

    I have read some articles about the problem on the Internet, but nobody has found any solution for it.

    Can you please explain it to me, if there is any explanation for it?