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  • Обновлен DSDtcp плагин.
    2018-08-25 16:09:48


    The list of digital frequencies to mute is saved during SDR# session but not in digital_frequencies.xml . I could edit the file but I need to know the exact XML format.



  • Обновлен менеджер частот и AuxVFO плагин.
    2017-07-22 14:19:49


    may I suggest a de-emphasis feature in each aux VFO? Or like AGC, just copied from main VFO.

  • Обновлен модифицированный драйвер R820T
    2017-07-21 14:55:56

    Further investigations :-)

    This frontend modrtlsdr consumes less CPU than the SDR# standard USB frontend.

    It can be used on SDR# x86 v1583, but don't try to use decimation - it will crash (terminate) SDR#.

    It cannot be used on SDR# x64 v1583 - it's even not detected.

    I have also noticed that if I set 2,4 MHz sampling, the DC spike in the middle cannot be removed. All other sampling speeds work fine.