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  • Обновлен FilePlayer и FrequencyManager
    2019-10-08 07:43:50

    Latest versions of SDR# 1720 and higher, have Telerick dark looking themes like “Fluent Dark”.

    Frequency manager table entries are not visible, except the current frequency.

  • Обновлен FilePlayer и FrequencyManager
    2018-04-08 10:41:42

    nice update!

    Please note that when loading a recording WAVRF64 in 32bitIEEEFloatIQ, the file player does not get the right play time. Need to restart SDR# or load the file more than once.

  • Цифровой аудио процессор
    2017-04-05 06:43:59

    Just reporting that somethig was broken in sdr# plugin interface v1536 up to latest version v. 1542.

    Most of the plugins do not work as expected anymore or crashes sdr# at launch.