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  • CTCSS детектор, шумоподавитель.
    2018-07-31 16:41:10

    Hi Basil, is there a reason that the CTCSS Decoder causes recent versions of SDR# to crash, 1666 and later? Many thanks for all your hard work! 73

  • Все доступные на этом сайте плагины с кратким описанием
    2017-03-06 15:14:29

    Hi Vasili, I had been using Frequency Scanner for a while in SDR# and it worked very well indeed, thank you! However, on day the display showed the spectrum being scanned vertically along the right side of the SDR# display. I tried to get it to display along the bottom again, but then it stopped working. The DLL and the Magic Line are still in the SDR# directory. i tried deleting them and re installing them again but even though they still are in the folder, the Scanner does not display in the SDR# menu! Can you please assist? Thanks for all your great plug-in that you have created! Regards, Brian