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  • Плагин для приема "Тетра"
    2020-09-29 14:04:17


    Starting with the new SDR# funcion for multile instances, uses of this this pluging causes an error message regarding an item with the same key has been already added ....

    "prog" has published instrucctions for plugin developers for avoiding this situation with the new versions

  • Обновление плагинов.
    2016-12-09 19:22:39

    Hwello Vasili, thank you for yourfine work.

    I found a problem with TimeShift: If the Swap I/Q is used, as in SoftRock radios, the TimeShift waterfall is shown inverted and also the tunning in this waterfall works backwards. Is it a configuration issue or did I found a bug?

    Best regards,

    Ignacio, EB4APL