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  • Модифицированный плагин записи из комплекта SDRSharp.
    2016-10-30 14:56:24

    Hi Marcos and all experts,

    I tried what you just showed, the baseband recorder still doesn't schedule.

    1) I set my frequency

    2) Opened baseband record schedule, draw my schedule

    3) I confirmed time format - No pinks. blue ( highlighted) , white (unhighlighted). It creates next line automatically.

    4) After this I just left it alone with set time to record for 10seconds and another 1 minute

    5) I opened the file after this time, NO RECORDING.

    Note : I used version SDR# v1.0.0.1430 and tried also with SDR# v1.0.0.1440

    What did I miss? does version matter? please guide

    Thank you very much for reply Sir


  • Модифицированный плагин записи из комплекта SDRSharp.
    2016-10-28 22:17:04

    Hi experts,

    I want to use the schedule for this baseband recorder.

    I have set the times I need the recording.

    It seems not to work.

    Do I initiate the recording first before I start the schedule or what is the process.

    I cannot minimize the schedule panel too to start recording when I draw the schedule

    How is it used?

    I want to record IQ at specific times at same frequency.

    Thank You