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    2016-05-19 12:19:53

    I like the scanner in the main window but a choice would be good.

    I wonder whether you could add a feature to the scanner when using DSD+ to detect if the scanner has stopped on an idle DMR channel without voice traffic, at the moment I use an autoit script that checks the window title of DSD+, if it has DMR in the title but no VOICE for x seconds then I push the frequency up, could you integrate this into the plugin, maybe for all digital modes as an option?

    In autoit I do this to detect the DSD+ state:-

    $text = WinGetTitle ( "DSD+ -", "" )

    If StringInStr ( $text, "DMR" ) > 0 Then ;DMR detected

    If StringInStr ( $text, "VOICE" ) = 0 Then ;Voice NOT detected