Обновлен TV плагин.

Обновлен TV плагин.

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1 Странник 18-01-2018 09:02

Доброго времени суток, у меня TV плагин не работает, может ли и за того что у меня экспи 32 ?

3 Jon 21-01-2018 13:28

Do you think that color support would be added someday?

if not could you tell me why?

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards

4 Carl MacGentey 25-06-2018 21:54

If I ran this plug in on a HackRF radio (5.8 gigahertz capable) would I be able to capture video signals from drone cameras?

5 Dale 15-09-2018 22:16

I would like to reduce the bandwidth of the TV Plugin to 300-500khz for receiving distant NTSC amateur television signals (DX). SDRSharp bandwidth controls make no difference, only the sample rate to some extent.

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