Обновлен File Player.

Обновлен File Player.

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Исправлен баг приводивший к аварийному завершению SDR# при высоте окна плагина более 1000 точек. Добавлено сохранение имени последнего открытого файла.


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2 Costantino 04-01-2016 17:51

Does not work on r1361 (error about (i think) .net compilation?...assembly blablablabla...).

Can you fix it?

4 Costantino 05-01-2016 13:45


Newer versions of sdrsharp do not support extio anymore...so i'm "fucked" :(

:( :(

5 Michele 30-03-2016 13:00

It seems (to me!) that the audio of complex float raw files are quite orrible...(the audio speed is ok, the number of channels is ok and the samplerate is ok).

The same raw files play perfectly under gqrx/linux.

Any idea?

Can i provide a file if needed?

Many thanks!

6 Василий 30-03-2016 15:30

Я проверю. Спасибо.

Файл не помешает.

7 Funk 10-06-2016 23:26

Hello Vasili and thank you for your fantastic plugins for SDRSharp! I am discussing with the creator of WavPack about packing IQ WAV files. I get very good compression with WavPack, between 55 and 80% reduction of file size.

I don't know if packing while recording is too CPU intensive, but I would really like if the file player could read WavPack packed files.

WavPack is open source and there is a DirectShow filter available.

The discussion is here:


8 Василий 12-06-2016 10:22

Это возможно, но в будущем. Идея хорошая, давно планировал добавить сжатие.

9 dave bunyan 25-06-2016 23:42

Hi Vasily

I now have AirSpy Mini with build 1444 - all the plug-ins I use work with this but there is small problem with "Save Last File Name" in FilePlayer. When installed first - error "cannot find file "test.wav" and file player does not start.

I record a file - name it "test.wav" - and put it in SDRSharp folder to make it work.

Then I look at files - it works. But if I delete the last file I looked at after shutting SDRSharp - then next time I try to use File Player error happens again "cannot find file........" To make it work again I have to edit the SDRSharp config file.

Can you make File Player so it will open if the last file is not found please?

Baseband Recorder, File Player and MPX Output are the most useful plugins for FM-DX. Many stations found that are only received for a few seconds are captured and the RDS data decoded. I record 11 Gb files (6 minutes) 8 MHz wide for playback.



10 Marco 05-11-2016 07:00

Hello all,

I would like to know if other users of SDR# are experiencing the same problem I have.

I usually record baseband in WAV RF64 format with the BaseBand Recorder by Vasili Beliakov, because there is no 2GB or 4GB file size limit, allowing me to record very large/long recordings - It works wonderfully.

To play the WAV RF64 Baseband files, the corresponding BaseBand plugin “File Player” from the same author is required.

I am using the latest known version of “file player”, which is dated 28 November 2015.

As per my records, once the “SDRSharp.WAVPlayer.dll” is present in the SDR# folder, this plugin is loaded and appears as a possible front-end in SDR#.

With SDR# version 1474 the plugin works fine, I do not have v. 1475 so I cannot test.

Starting from version: v. 1476 up to latest v. 1489, the plugin is not working as expected;

You can select the baseband file, play it and use all the options in the File Player, including jump on different time points on the waterfall: the baseband file is played as expected.

However, as soon as you press the stop in the player, or if the player reaches the EOF, SDR# freezes: I loose control of all the SDR# and plugin GUI interface.

The only remedy is to open the task manager and kill SDR#.

I got exactly the same behavior on two different Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and on my windows 7 Pro 64 bit laptop.

In all cases, I did the test with all my plugins loaded, and with a bare sdr# just clean, with only the “File Player” plugin loaded, with same freezing result, every time.

Note that I was able to test on versions

v. 1480

v. 1483

v. 1488

With the same result.

Thank you for any feedback on this problem



11 Marco 06-11-2016 19:04

Dear Vasili!

Many, many thanks for the File Player plugin update that fixes the compatibility with SDR# version 1489.

my best regards,


12 Георгий 17-11-2016 09:43

Василий! Благодарю вас за обновление плагина!

Другие плагины тоже обновлены?

С наилучшими пожеланиями!


13 Leo Liu 13-12-2020 17:07

First thanks for the plugin, it works wonderfully with SDR# recorded wav files. However it refuses to play .raw or even .wav files when their basename look like a gqrx file: for example gqrx_20201212_122906_437650000_480000_fc.raw or gqrx_20201212_122906_437650000_480000_fc.wav (which I converted from the raw file).

After inputting the sample rate, number of bytes and number of channels, the following error is given:

Length cannot be less than zero.
Parameter name: length

However, if I rename the file to something else, for example abc.raw or abc.wav, the file can be loaded.

Would you be able to take a look at this problem? I'm using the last unskinned build of SDR#, downloadable from airspy.com.

14 Jeff 09-01-2021 17:01

I realize this is a few years old, but I had to change my naming convention to this to get it to load to file player:


Name, date, timewithZ, freqwithHz,_IQ.wav

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